5 ways smoking can impact your urological health

5 ways smoking can impact your urological health

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Smoking, both in active and passive forms reasons many types of cancers. Smoking significantly impacts the urological health too.

Given below are some of the urological situations that can be triggered by smoking:

Bladder Cancer: Because of smoking many harmful chemicals and drugs are collected in urine. These chemicals impact the bladder lining severely and in turn reasons bladder cancer.

Erectile Dysfunction: Smoking is said to be the primary cause of Erectile Dysfunction and research shows that over 20 million men are affected by it. Due to smoking, blood flow to the penis is impaired. This in turn results in Erectile Dysfunction.

Kidney Cancer: Smoking is also the leading reason of kidney cancer in both men and women. In both active and passive smokers, after reaching the lungs, smoke enters the kidneys through the blood stream. Due to this, harmful chemicals get percolated in the kidneys resulting in cancer. Several independent researchers have shown that kidney cancer is one among the top ten most common cancers in men and women.

Kidney Stones: Smoking also destroys the kidney’s natural capability to melt the stones that are caused by various health situations. This primarily results in urinary tract related ailments and when left untreated can reason cancer. More than one million people are said to visit doctors each year due to complications from kidney stones.

Infertility: Smoking effects the genetic formation of eggs and sperm in women and men. Since more men, than women, take to smoking, issues related to infertility are more common in men. Evidently, infertility rate is two times more in those who smoke when compared to those who do not smoke at all.

It has been conclusively proved that these situations are apparent similarly in both passive and active smokers. Getting rid of smoking habit is the only way to avoid or minimize the chances of being impacted by these ailments.

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